Every Essential Rewards order earns you points that you can use towards free products. The percentage you earn back on your order will grow until you earn up to a generous 25% back!



consecutive months

10% Back

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consecutive months

20% back



Consecutive months

25% back


So let’s say…

You placed orders for the first 3 consecutive months, and they were all worth 100 PV. That means you earned 10 points each month for a total of 30 points. For the next 9 consecutive months (4-12), you placed orders worth 100 PV as well. That means you earned 20 points each month for a total of 180 PV. So in one year, you earned 210 points!

The points you have accumulated are shown in your virtual office. View these by clicking on Essential Rewards on the right side of your VO.

what do I do with these points?

Spend them! Your points act as a gift certificate toward any oil or product whose PV and dollar amount are equivalent (i.e. if an oil is 23.75 PV and costs $23.75). We like to hoard our points for a few months and then spend them on our favorite oils that are a little more expensive.