a few of our favorite things…


There are so many incredible things that the starter kit oils can support. Here is a list of our favorites:



We like to call this one the “Swiss Army Knife of oils” because lavender can support all the things! It supports sleep, helps heal cuts and burns, and we like adding it to our mascara to help with eyelash growth—to name a few!



For all our peeps that like to hit the gym, this baby is for you! PanAway is a huge help with aches, pains, and sore muscles.



Peppermint changed the game for us! It provides relief for headaches and is a huge support to the digestion system.



Digestive support—we’re talking the best stomach support you’ve ever had!



Keeps all the germs away. Enough said. You need some Thieves in your life—trust us!


stress away

Vacation in a bottle! Bye bye stress!

Outside of the kit

Thieves Household Cleaner
This one is a must! We ditched all of the toxin-filled cleaners and switched to this baby. Plus you only need 2 capfuls for a 16oz spray bottle!

Thieves Soaps
Did you know most soaps are filled with fragrance and fillers? We know exactly what’s in our Thieves hand + dish soap: all the good stuff!

Progessence Plus
A woman’s BFF! This bottle is the greatest hormone support we’ve ever experienced. Give this a google search. You won’t be sorry!

This bottle has given us so much emotional support. It helps to let go of the bad and calmmmmm down!

Ningxia Red
Need energy? We got you! This supplement drink is a delicious way to get your groove back and put some pep in your step!