Meet the Shiplap & Oils Team


Jess Losurdo



I jumped into the oily world two years ago when I was desperate for some relief. I had no intention to make Young Living a business, but it kind of just happened for me. I wanted to share with everyone I knew how much this company changed the game for me. About a year in, I got serious about making this a business and a team blossomed. Shiplap + Oils was born and we are thriving! This is a team of incredible people who are changing lives, and I am so blessed that I get the opportunity to lead it.

I’d love to chat oils with you and answer all your questions!



Kelli Wingert



I started using essential oils about a year ago when I was desperate for some relief from stomach pain. I had eliminated all things gluten and dairy without seeing any relief. ENTER: Young Living. Since having my oils, my stomach has finally calmed down and I feel like I can finally be myself again! I started sharing my oils with everyone I knew (just like my Target hauls) and suddenly an amazing side hustle blossomed! I am so grateful that I took a chance on the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. I had no idea how much these little bottles of oil would change my life in so many ways. Thanks to Shiplap + Oils, my home will be chemical free by the end of the year!

I had no idea how much these little bottles of oil would change my life in so many ways.



Brittanie McGregor



I started using essential oils over two years ago after starting my journey to live a nontoxic lifestyle! When I found Young Living oils, I was hooked because I knew they were a quality that I could trust! At first I just loved the smell of diffusing oils in my home, but one day I decided to make a roller bottle of lavender and stress away to help me sleep better. I have always struggled with getting a good night’s sleep and typically woke up multiple times each night due to stress. The first time I used these oils on my body, I slept through the night and woke up feeling AMAZING! This changed the oil game for me and now I’m passionate about sharing oils with all of my family and friends (including those online!) to show them how they can help you lead a healthy, happier life—in a natural way!

I love Young Living because it’s a quality I can trust!



Sierra Chappell



I started using essential oils about two years ago when my parents got me a Young Living oil kit for Christmas but didn’t sign me up to be a member. I had absolutely no idea how to use them and tried to teach myself, but I was pretty overwhelmed. I consistently used lavender for sleep (the only one I knew how to use lol) and finally ran out of it. Jess just so happened to reach out to me just in time! She explained that being a member meant joining a community with people that would teach me how to use them, and I was sold. I went ahead and bought another kit (since it's seriously the greatest deal ever) and started sharing with others!

I am so incredibly thankful for these oils that have helped me in so many ways.


Jessica Massey

Jess Massey



I started my Young Living oily journey in May 2018 and have not looked back. Jess knew I was struggling with sleep (grad school + a full-time job) so she sent me a sleepy roller sample, and I was reunited with peaceful sleep! I used it up, and when I ran out I didn’t order right away, and my sleep was back to being wacky. Since having my oils I sleep well, my anxiety is under control, and my house smells divine—sans chemicals. I’m so grateful for the support of the wonderful Shiplap + Oils team!

I had no idea that my love for these oils would turn into a solid side hustle!



Alyssa Loveless



I was first introduced to Young Living 3 years ago with Thieves oil and liked it, but I didn’t completely understand how to utilize it for health benefits. I signed up and got my starter kit, but had no one to teach me about the oils. I felt overwhelmed, so it sat unused and I forgot about it.

Flashforward to the end of 2017. I got really sick and was hospitalized for a week with no answers on my illness. I struggled through 2018 with health issues, taking lots of medicine, and being so sick. I followed Jess and asked to join her team, signed up under her, learned about the oils, and taught myself how to use them to cut meds and toxins out of my life.

This year I will be medicine free and live a more toxic-free life thanks to Young Living and the Shiplap + Oils team!

Alyssa Loveless